To keep your favorite items looking new, Elpis hereby shares tips to take care of your clothes.


Dry-cleaning is the best choice for designed, hand-crafted clothes. We encourage customers to wash clothes by hand with low temperature water and less detergent soap.

Natural wind drying

Twisting and squeezing clothes or using clothes dryers will shorten the life of your clothes. With flimsy materials, you should gently rinse the water out, hang the clothes in the shade, and let the wind dry them naturally.

Dedicated hanger

To keep the form of the clothes, you should use dedicated hangers for each type of clothes. When folding clothes, add tissue paper between fabric layers to avoid creases.

Steam iron using

Using steam iron in silk/linen mode at a temperature of below 30 ̊ C is the best way to make your clothes flat and durable. Remember to iron the inside and one layer only.

Keeping wardrobe fragrant

By small coffee grounds bags in the wardrobes, you will be surprised because your wardrobes will no longer have bad smell, ants and termites.