Everything You Need To Know About Ao Dai

Ao Dai is a traditional Vietnamese costume. People wear Ao Dai with trousers, overhanging from the neck to the knees. Both men and women can wear it. However, now there are commonly more women wearing it than man do.

Therefore, women can wear Ao Dai anywhere, for office wear, school uniforms, outerwear or formal wear at home. The wearing of this dress is not frivolous or sophisticated, things are simple to wear: wear with silk pants or soft cloth, at the foot of comedy, clogs, or whatever shoes are. If you need a formal (such as bridal attire), add a traditional cape or blouse, or a Western crown as you like. The modern ao dai (modern ao dai) seems to have its own way of honoring everybody. The upper part hugged the body but the two flaps let loose on the wide pants.

The pair of lice saw on the waist makes the gesture of the wearer comfortable, the shape of the body, the feminine, just closed because the whole body is covered with soft silk, and also sexy because of the shirt. Exit to live waist. The modern one shows your personality highly. The tailor gets the measurements carefully. When the garment finishes, it is time to put on a new one.


1. Wearing Ao Dai in Tet Holiday

In Tet Holiday, it is easy to see the image of Ao Dai on the street. In addition to the traditional Ao Dai, in recent years, the trend of Ao Dai with young motifs, pants hugging is also very well received by women. Tet costumes with red, yellow, green, blue or flowery colors help the wearer to be young and attractive at the beginning of the year filled with joy and happiness.

People prefer red color for the holiday season because this color represents good luck, love, passion and a good start. Red is also the color that is not only fashionable in fashion but also showing the prominence, charm, and burns of women. Red comes in a variety of colors from bright red to dark red and can be matched with many other colors such as black, white, pink, purple … If you are not confident enough to wear the red outfits, you can start with small items like shoes, handbags, towels or hats.

2. Wearing Ao Dai in the engagement parties & weddings

Compared to brides’ Ao Dai, the one for mothers of bride and groom place more emphasis on comfort and decoration to hide the stereotype. However, designers still promote the splendor and elegance to suit a special occasion such as a wedding.

3. Wearing ao dai in special occasions