An Collection - Ao Dai Tet 2020

𝐀𝐍 - Ao Dai 2020 Collection.
A Year Filled With Great Joy Peace And Prosperity.

An Collection - is the first flower to bloom, bringing her a lucky, full, charming New Year with what she loves, and the integrity of her loved one. An Collection - bold breath and beauty of traditional Ao Dai, was inspired by modern Vietnamese girl, but always has a love and respect for precious traditional cultures.

Red is used mostly in "AN" because this is the color that represents Luck - Full - Happiness - Fortune according to the Asian concept, and is also a sign of the reunion of the New Year. Silk weaving is one of the long-standing and proud traditions of Vietnam. That is also the reason why Elpis chose silk as the main material of An Collection, with the desire to store quintessential values ​​on the traditional Ao Dai background. The quintessence of Vietnamese flaps is reflected in delicate cuts, honoring the attractive curves of a woman. ELPIS cleverly combines modern stylized details like raglan sleeves, bulging sleeves, or square collars.

In the modern rotation, let's join ELPIS to retain treasured traditional values ​​through Ao Dai on Tet Holiday.